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About the Sport Together Fund

Bringing together stakeholders in sport to unite, uplift and create safe spaces for people and communities seeking refuge in the face of conflict, human rights violations and climate change disasters.

Launched by Beyond Sport, the Sport Together Fund provides grants and capacity building support to non-profit organizations, sports clubs and collectives in humanitarian crises, in addition to transit and host communities where people are rebuilding their lives.

By mid-2022, global forced displacement reached 103 million worldwide. People with refugee experiences face political, economic, social and personal challenges spanning housing, safety, family reunification, employment and trauma. These challenges compound the difficult and distressing experiences they face on their journey to resettlement. Personal characteristics like age, gender, ability, socioeconomic status, educational background, sexual orientation and religion also affect an individual’s resettlement experience.

In times of crisis, sport – together – has consistently shown its unique ability to unite and uplift, to create safe spaces for people seeking refuge and to help build sustainable, peaceful communities.

About Beyond Sport

Since 2008, Beyond Sport has supported initiatives, generated ideas and built partnerships that purposefully use sport to address the world’s most pressing social issues. As a global foundation, we have supported over 450 sport-based youth development non-profits operating in 150 countries.

We employ a collective and holistic approach, leveraging a diverse network of 3000 social change innovators, progressive organisations and expertise built up over more than a decade.