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About the Sport Together Fund

The Sport Together Fund, delivered by Beyond Sport, leverages the platform and power of sport to support sport-based development organisations around the world that step up to the challenge when the communities they serve face conflict, harm and insecurity.

As Europe responds to the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the Fund will provide support to sport-based community organisations that are delivering vital resources to Ukrainians during and coming out of the crisis.

From immediate response to longer term recovery and reconstruction, resources will be distributed to vetted non-profit organisations that are helping Ukrainians, especially children, survive, overcome their trauma and rebuild their lives. Support will be given through cash grants and capacity building tools based on the specific needs of the organisations and their communities.

The Fund is guided by an expert advisory group encompassing specialists in trauma and health, conflict resolution, youth sports and social and community cohesion.

About Beyond Sport

Since 2008, Beyond Sport has supported initiatives, generated ideas and built partnerships that purposefully use sport to address the world’s most pressing social issues. As a global foundation, we have supported over 450 sport-based youth development non-profits operating in 150 countries.

We employ a collective and holistic approach, leveraging a diverse network of 3000 social change innovators, progressive organisations and expertise built up over more than a decade.